what is a good aerator to buy

What is a good Aerator to buy?


If you are looking for an Aerator then you might want know "What is a good Aerator to buy?". Aerators also known as lawn pluggers are devices that put holes in the soil to allow for seeds to have more room to grow, more water to soak in and give seeds more air to breath. There are many different types of aerating devices however for this site we are going to focus on tractor attachment aerators.

Differences Between An Aerator and A Lawn Plugger

While most of the times the names Aerator and Lawn Plugger are used interchangeably that's because a Lawn Plugger is an aerator however not all aerators are lawn pluggers. An aerator is basically any device that aerates soil and there are a few different types of aerators such as the Lawn Plugger also known as a Core Aerator and a Spiked Aerator also known as a Slit Aerator. Both types of devices work to achieve the same goal of aerating soil but work differently with different outcomes.

Lawn Pluggers (Core Aerators) get their name because of the specially designed hallowed out tines that as they penetrate the soil they pull out small round cork like pieces of soil which some call plugs hence the name Lawn Plugger. A Spiked plugger is a steel drum with sharp spikes that relies heavily on weight to force the spikes into the ground creating holes in the soil. As the spikes go into the ground they are creating holes but by doing so they also are compacting the ground because of this Lawn Pluggers are the preferred choice for most because they tend to have better results. Instead of just pushing the dirt around the spikes the Plugger pulls out soil allowing more water and air to get into the ground.

Alternating Depth Aerator
Alternating Depth Lawn Plugger
3 Point Lawn Plugger
3 Point Lawn Plugger
EA Core Aerator
EA Core Aerator

Aerator How To Video

This video describes the features of an Aerator and shows a core Aerator being used and explains the process in detail!

Features on a Aerator

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